wash-and-go ready tip:

get a trim or cut

A great haircut is key to having a wash-and-go style that is easy to maintain and looks amazing. As a group of curly, wavy and coilly hair folx, The Refig team has had Beyonce-level cuts as well as some "meh" cuts. Here are our tips on getting the hair cut your curls, coils and waves deserve.

Get a trim / cut every 3 to 4 months. 

Stylists generally recommend getting one's hair trimmed / cut every 3 to 4 months. For those prone to split ends, stylist usually suggest more often. 

For many curly hair people - especially those trying to grow their hair - the idea of getting a hair cut every few months is scary. However, trims and cuts help to keep split ends at bay. This means less tangling and damage, which can help with hair growth in the long run.

Find a stylist who "understands" your hair

Need a stylist? An internet search with words like "curly salons near me" can often yield some potential salons. Other resources include Naturally Curly's and Black Curl Magic's directories (naturallycurly.com/salons; blackcurlmagic.com/stylist-directory).

Regardless of how you find stylist, we strongly suggest confirming that a stylist fits your needs by checking out the salons' reviews and looking at a stylists' work via the website gallery or social media postings. Still not sure if a stylist can do your hair? Call or message them and ask if they specialize in or have trained a lot for your texture and your type

Talk with your stylist

You can set yourself up for success by speaking with your stylist about your lifestyle. Voice requirements such as needing a low maintenance style, wanting to wear a pony tail or headbands, and even whether you plan to do wear you hair straight.



is it time for a cut?

If you have more hair in the drain or your brush (and it's not a medical reason), hear more snapping as you brush or comb, or have knots at the end of your hair, you may have split or uneven ends that are leading to tangles.

A quality trim/cut can help!

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