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About Us

We put our principles to work. We don’t just talk, we do. From crafting our formulations all the way through to delivering products to you, we show up all the way.

Only the Good Stuff

We steer clear of ingredients known to cause cancer, disrupt hormones, are highly allergenic or cause sensitivities, as well as those that are toxic to the environment and body. This means no dyes, silicones, synthetic fragrances, parabens, petroleum/mineral oil, or phthalates. We do our best to buy organic whenever possible.


Let’s refigure silicones with meadowfoam. Silicones help hair look great by preventing excess moisture from entering the shaft and causing frizz, locking in moisture and lubricating hair to help with detangling and combing. Unfortunately, silicones don’t biodegrade. So we use meadowfoam seed oil, which delivers the benefits of silicone while also protecting hair from the sun. 

We’re as Close to Natural as Possible

Nature is beautiful and provides us with just about everything we need, so why mess with perfection? Whenever possible, we use ingredients as close to the way nature envisioned them. This means we use a lot of water-based extracts, seed and essential oils.


Let’s refigure copolymers, acrylates + microplastics with flaxseed, chia and mushroom product. Many gels and styling products use synthetics and microplastics that don’t biodegrade to create a “hold.” Instead, polysaccharides form naturally when a fungi—Sclerotium rolfssi—breaks down its food.

We Embrace Sustainable Practices

When selecting ingredients, we do the best thing for the planet and people. Whenever possible, we source locally, buy organic, select ingredients and packaging that minimize the overall carbon footprint and what ends up in landfills. We’re cruelty-free and nearing all of our products are vegan.


Let’s refigure bottles with pouch bags and packets. A staggering X% of shampoo and conditioner bottles that are recyclable end up in landfills. So we’ve chosen to use containers that reduce the overall carbon imprint by minimizing the plastic used and the shipping weight. 

Respect Yourself, Each Other and the Planet

We believe in the power of self love. If you can love yourself, then it’s easier to love others and our earth. And, our products allow you to do exactly that. We respect the body, our ingredients, living things and the environment in all that we do. We do the best we can for our bodies and our planet. 


Let’s refigure liquids with solids. Solid products require less packaging and have a lower shipping weight than their liquid counterparts, automatically cutting down on the damage done to our planet.


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