get wash-and-go ready tip:

get gel

Pick a gel that meets your needsHair Gel on green background

Plant-based gels can be great for wash-and-goes as they can provide 2 to 4 days of hold, helping your hair stay styled between recommended co-washes/washings. Plant-based and organic gel formers growing in popularity include gum arabic (acacia senegal), aloe, okra, flaxseed, konjac gum, corn starch, guar gum and xanthin gum. For longer stretches between washes, extremely humid weather or styles other than W+Gs, gels with ingredients like carbomer or PVP may offer effective results.

We, obviously, are fans of The Refig's Powder-to-Gel (aka Restyling Powder).

Break the cast / squeeze the curl

The same properties of gel which help clump, define and hold curls may leave the hair a bit "crunchy" or stiff or even make hair appear wet when it's dry. This feeling will often go away on its own. However, many choose to accelerate the process by "breaking the cast" or squeezing the curl.

To break the cast, simply squeeze a section of hair a few times with dry hands and repeat throughout hair. Avoid combing or running your fingers throught your hair as it will "disturb the curl" and likely result in your hair appearing frizzy or lessdefined than intended.

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