get wash-and-go ready tip:

get the tools

Get a defining brush

While detangling brushes are all the rage, many don't help with getting defined curls as they separate hairs instead of encouraging them the "clump".When you're done detangling your hair, try helping your curls to "clump" by brushing small sections of your hair with defining brush such as a boar's hair brush or wide-tooth brush. 

Looking for a new brush? Check out Byrdie's review.

Get bandanas that match your wardrobe

Bandanas are so multifunctional: They can "lay your edges" while your hair dries, hold your hair back during recreation, and really accentuate an outfit. Plus, their ability to hide frizz (or roots between colorings) can help you stretch the time between your wash-and-gos or navigate changing weather while still looking good.

Have clips or cloth covered elastics

woman with red hair 3a/3b large curls smiling

When jumping in the water or navigating "frizzy" weather, it's tempting to put one's hair into a "messy bun" with things like a rubber or elastic band. But many bands are problemtic as hair gets easily entangled.

We're a fan of cloth covered elastics, like those offered by Scunci + Curl Collective as well as clips like the Puff Cuff.

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