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Condense your hair care

Whether you like to travel light or want to keep everything in your carry-on, condensing your hair care is key to no-BS travel. Here are our favorite options for getting your hair care routine out your hair care travel-ready is key to looking great out how to get your hair getting your favorite hair care and personal products to yout favorite destination.

Option 1: Leak-proof, reusable bottles.

Quality containers can save you time and prevent annoying spills. The Miami Herald recently reviewed the top bottles available online.

Option 2: Solid bar / water-activated hair care.

With liquid conditioners consisting of 70% to 90% water, using solid bar / water-activated hair care can drastically reduce the volume, weight and packaging you need to carry. For example, The Refig's shamoo and conditioner tube packaging are <3" inches tall and <1.5" wide but are both equal to about 1 bottle of liquid product.

Bonus: Solid formats mean no leaks and your hair care products don't count against your liquid limit when going through TSA!

Check out The Refig's mini bars!

The Refig's Lemongrass "Moisturizing" Shampoo Mini and Large Bar

Whether you're at home or jet setting, our mini shampoo and conditioner bars are perfect for no-BS wash-and-gos. They are on conveniently labeled ribbon so you can tell them apart while in the shower and can easily hang them from a hook or faucet. Plus, the tin package doubles as a carrying case. strings : shampoo, conditioner, gel, a drying tray and carry bag.


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