wash-and-go ready tips:

set realistic expectations for your wash-and-go

A key to loving low maintenance hairstyles for curls, waves and coils is setting proper expectations. This is especially important for those who are very used to styles and processes that take the hair out of their natural state.

Here's what the Refig team had to say about setting expectations:

Expect to celebrate, not transform your hair pattern.

Wash-and-go hair (or wash-n-go) styles are named as such because one is essentially 1) washing and 2) going about other business shortly thereafter.

Because there’s minimal styling manipulation and no heat, your hair will appear close to its natural state. Using tools like brushes, products like gel and following a good routine can help your hair look even more fabulous by reducing frizz, adding shine, and enhancing curl definition.

Don't expect a pattern transformation. You won't be going from waves to straight hair or an afro to corkscrew curls.

Expect your "look" to vary

woman with 4b/4c hair afro laying in grass

Things like the weather, the pH of the water in your shower and even how you go about styling your hair may change a bit day to day or even hour to hour, so your curls may too! Leaning into this can be fun and help you discover styles that flatter as well as reduce the time and frustration expended on your curls

Embrace your hair! When you work "with it" it will work with you.

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