water fun tip:

tie up or braid hair properly to minimize tangles

avoid messy "entanglements" (in life + hair)

If your hair easily tangles this one is for you!

Wet hair tends to tangle quickly. Add in some hair tossing moves - like flips in the pool - or some wind and loose hair can get super tangled. Taking some simple precautions and making good styling choses can stop the havoc before it begins. Check out below for some quick tips on how to prevent tangled hair.

tie up loose ends to prevent tangles + knot

Avoid loose ends with styles like french braids; woman wearing french braid in brown 2c/3b hair

Putting your hair in a braided ponytail or pinning it up with a jaw clip helps to reduce movement, taking away the opportunity for tangles.

Styles like cornrows, french braids or pigtails with braids are super headful in preventing tangles and easy to do in a short period of time.

messy bun + water = messy tangle

Avoid pinning your wet (and dry!) curls, waves or coils in a sloppy bun. While this style is cute, it allows your ends to tangle with other sections of your hair. And that's not cute.

use thick ponytail holders + jaw clips over slim ponytail holders 

Ever notice that wet hair really loves to twist around thin ponytail holders? Hair is less likely to wrap around wide and rigid surfaces. So consider hair ties that are thick - like scrunchies or opt for jaw hair clips.


remember that bobby pins can be a huge help or disaster

Wet hair is vulnerable. So shoving a bobby pin through a wet twist of hair can cause damage, especially if the pin is missing protective coating on its tips or the bun has too much tension. Also, it may cause damage hair at several, seemingly random sections of your hair as the pin goes through multiple parts.





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