water fun tip:

use extra gel

Bounce back from splashes w/ extra hair gel

Little Boy Curly Hair Water Slide at Theme Park

Headed to the beach or for a day of water fun? Keep your wash-and-go instagram-ready. Simply use a bit more of plant-based gel than usual on your curls, coils and waves. Here's how this method gets you defined curls:

  1. Plant-based gels play well with water. Plant-based gels often feature ingredients like aloe vera, xanthan gum, acacia senegal gum or flaxseed gum. And, when you wet these ingredients, you activate their curl-defining properties, leaving with everything you need for defined curls.
  2. Extra gel begets low maintenance hair styles. Extra gel holds curls in shape - even after a wave splashes you - and lets you air dry in peace. This means little or no brushing, finger coiling, etc. to keep your wash-and-go looking great with minimal frizz.
  3. Extra gel accounts for the gel that will wash away. The reality of water fun that takes you under the water is that some will likely get leave your locks. So starting with more gel than usual helps ensure you'll have enough styling product in your hair.
  4. Extra gel can help your curls resist the elements. Water recreation often comes with a healthy dose of elements like wind, sun, humidity and heat. And, not surprisingly, each of these loves to do a number on curly hair. Using a bit more gel than usual can help your curls stay defined and limit frizz

How much gel should you use?

That depends on your hair health, natural curl pattern and personal preferences. Our motto: don't over think it; just try it. 

Extra Gel + Pirate Ship = Gold!

Woman with a visor and sunglasses on a boat with well-defined curly hair. Caption reads "curls post swim + snorkeling w/ The Refig's powder-to-gel

FWIW: These are my curls after a day on the water.

It was a day filled with water fun: We went on a tour on a sail boat. Jumped in the water. Swam to shore. Played in caves.

It was a blast and my curls should have been anything but camera-ready. Thanks to some extra hair gel, my curls were well-defined even after hours of play! (And yes, I used the Beauty Independent Beacon Award nominated Powder-to-Gel Styler by The Refig.)

Curly vacation hairstyle for the win!



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