water fun tip:

wear bandanas to prevent frizz + lay edges

Keep Your Curls Looking Good in the Pool, Ocean or Lake

Planning a day of water fun? Curious about how to keep your curly hair from getting frizzy? There's a simple - and stylish - solution: a bandana! Tying a bandana around your edges or even pulling your hair into an "updo" can help stop curly hair from frizzing in two ways:

  1. A bandana can help your edges lay flat
  2. A bandana may stop the occasional splash from hitting your hair.

Check out the rest of this post for quick, no-BS tips on how to lay your edges and select the right bandana for you


How lay your edges with a bandana 

Laying edges is easy and can be a key component for maintaining . Here’s the simple routine a lot of us at The Refig use:
  1. wet edges and or section of hair you wish to lay flat (optional)
  2. apply gel to edges and section of hair you wish to lay flat
  3. brush hair into ponytail
  4. wrap bandana or headband around edges + area to lay flat
  5. enjoy life
  6. remove bandana or headband when hair is dry and/or water elements are no longer a concern.


Choosing the best bandanas and headbands for curly, wavy and coil styles 

Like all accessories, bandanas and headbands can get a bit “personal” due to differences in hair textures and preferences. Here are a few things to consider in when selecting the right bandana for you.

  • Size. Bandanas and headbands are like Goldilocks: Too tight, and you’ll have great edges and a headache. Too loose, and your edges may not lay flat.
  • Adjustable Band or  Flexible Material. What feels good when you first put on a bandana may feel too tight a little later in the day. MAterials with some “give” or the ability to adjust can help prevent or rectify that “too tight” feeling.
  • Quick Dry Material. We personally love thin cotton, linen and recycled polyester bandanas as they tend to induce minimal sweat and dry quickly.
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