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we chose to skip the B.S.

long routines + icky ingredients = B.S.

An autoimmune condition made me realize the importance of everything I put in and on my body. Unfortunately, truly clean hair care for textures like mine was practically non-existent. And traditionally made products no longer felt like an option due to some not-so-great ingredients. Not to mention, all the extensive and over-the-top care regimens recommended by many brands was untenable for my busy schedule. From work to the gym to my favorite outdoor activities, an hour-long hair routine just wasn't going to work for me. So, I decided to make my own clean hair care and formulated everything with the intention of minimizing toxins and the time I spent washing and styling my hair. I steered clear of harmful inclusions; I formulated with as many straight-from-nature ingredients as possible and; I embraced sustainable practices. Not only did I start to feel better, but my curls started to look better too. Pretty soon, I was making regular batches of hair care for friends and family of every race and color. And now, I’m sharing my home-grown creations with you. Tanya Perkins Founder & CEO


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